Connecting with Patients

As I was doing my e-mail reading this morning, I came to this Facebook post from a page called Medical Minds In Motion, a therapy education company so passionate about the rehab professions and its importance. It is headed by a great PT, Rick Daigle, DPT, who I had the chance to learn from in one of his Therapeutic Taping and Movement Strategies classes.

Here was what he had to say…….

QUESTION: From Medical Minds In Motion Page,
Pet Peeve Of The Day: When someone (usually a patient or sometimes an MD) says, “Did you have to go to school to do what you do?”… My response usually is, “Dude, I have a Doctorate so yes, I went to school for a long time”. Unfortunately this happens way too often and is shows what the perception of Physical Therapy is… This NEEDS to change…

MY ANSWER: Love it that everyone here is very passionate about their rehab professions…and yet we have all these “other” colleagues who are smart, seems to have good clinical skills and yet fail to connect to their patients how much important they are in the grand scheme of things…the one way I point this out in our clinic is the cancellation rates of patients…If you have a very low rate of cancellation then you have really educated your patient on why you, a PT, OT or any other therapists are important, and have shown them your great clinical know how and judgement as well as educated them well on why things happen the way it happens with healthcare..this includes why things don’t get paid, how their insurances work, why we can only see limited patients at a time, and how their presence affects our business. CONNECT YOUR PASSION WITH YOUR CLIENTS.

To all therapists out there… if you can not do this then re-think why you are in our profession.


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