HOPE: What your patients need!!!

Reviewing events that just unfolded the year 2012, it brought me back to one of my conversations with one of the parents of a child with cerebral palsy. In this conversation, I was just reminded by her about that moment when they give you the news, so dark, so hopeless …”Your child has special needs.”..”.Your child won’t make it.”, “Your child won’t be able to talk, eat, walk or move.”…and then compounded by doctors, therapists, and teachers that limit their abilities without even at times touching them..and telling their parents..”There’s nothing more we can do.”  I understand about being cautious, but it does not have to be so black and hopeless.

For that same parent to tell me what a difference our therapy did to their child…the face-contorting stretching exercises, the power struggle with her muscle tone, the back breaking positions of half kneeling, the magic of serial casting, and many more therapy treatments to be discovered and made….finally, seeing a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel, now full of hope…This child powered forward, she is not special need, she is now SPECIAL. She is making it, she is able to do things that the doctors and other therapists said she won’t, and this all started by just telling her parent: “It’s a mountain but let us try and take the first step up.”..and by setting and doing that first goal, turning her head where she wants it to go…..she has turned that step into steps. Steps that would overcome a bump, a curb, a rise, a hill…and now the mountain. She has shown that she can be the BEST in her own league by showing her mobility skills in front of other kids in a national stage. A model child for a mobility program called MOVE. She made us proud and she has shown that something great can come out of Memphis!!!

It’s this type of stories that GETS ME FIRED UP!!!! Our kids may be down at times but I am sure they are NOT OUT!!!! GIVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY AND THEY WILL UNLEASH THEIR POTENTIALS!!! GIVE THEM HOPE!!!Image


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