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I Am, too

A response to “I Am” by Benjamin Giroux and for all my kids that have been touched by Autism…. I’m an OT, and I am odd. Not only do I hear a voice, but see a vision, too. Coming from my God, who wants the best for you. To keep you safe, from a world …

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Your Child with Autism and Spring: Are You Prepared?

This week has been a culmination of somewhat a perfect storm for our kids with Autism, at least her in the Memphis area. For the past few weeks, their Autism brains, especially their Sensory Processing Systems, have taken a beating. From being cooped in their homes due to the winter storms, to the disruptive timing …

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It’s Time to Glorify Another Healthcare Hero: NURSES

The above photo shows a Philippine politician named Cynthia Villar and her thoughts about nurses and the nursing profession. For those who do not understand the Filipino language, here’s a loose translation of her statement: “Actually, nurses do not need to complete a BSN ( Bachelor of Science In Nursing ) degree. These nurses just …

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