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OT’s, We Can Help You Solve Them (Problems): A rap video about OT

April is OT Awareness Month as well. Want to learn more about OT, watch the video on the link above. If you have questions about OT and what we can do, please feel free to contact us at Therapy Hut: (901)309-5219 or message as at the comment section or e-mail me at A great …

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Therapists, What Are You Doing???

Recently saw a young boy in our clinic with Autism. Almost turning 7 years of age. Has had therapies for years…and yet here is what I saw on our first encounter: No eye contact. Did not respond much to his name being called. Non-verbal. Lots of attention span problems. Lots of self-stimulation including putting fingers …

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It’s Time to Glorify Another Healthcare Hero: NURSES

The above photo shows a Philippine politician named Cynthia Villar and her thoughts about nurses and the nursing profession. For those who do not understand the Filipino language, here’s a loose translation of her statement: “Actually, nurses do not need to complete a BSN ( Bachelor of Science In Nursing ) degree. These nurses just …

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